The job interview is the chance to prove to your employer that you are worthy of your position. Aside from the long list of experiences in your resume which you’ve submitted ahead, the way you present yourself during your interview will make or break your journey towards getting that job you want. That includes your attitude, your presence of mind, and the way you dress. Actually, right before you say a single word, your interviewer has already judged you based on your outfit. So to help you ace that job interview, here are important fashion do’s and don’ts.

DO Your Homework

Assuming you did good research about the company and the job description, dress accordingly. Dress like the HR manager can already imagine you in the job. Wearing the company color also helps. It gives the interviewer a sign that you know the company well.

... and DON’T Wear Something from the Competitor

Especially if you’re trying to get into a fashion company, don’t wear the products of the competitor. If it’s not a fashion company, at least avoid wearing the color scheme of the competitor.

DO Take It One Step Higher

Companies have different dress codes, ranging from business casual to professional. Try to know the company’s dress code and take it one notch higher. For example, if they wear business casual, wear a corporate dress and heels. Wearing a blazer also easily levels up the whole look and makes you look professional. Make sure they are ironed so the interviewer will view you as a neat and organized person.

... but DON’T Compromise Comfort

Having an uncomfortable outfit can affect the way you handle your interview. You can be distracted and you’ll lose the right words you need to say. To avoid this, make sure that you feel confident and comfortable with your look. Make sure your shoes fit you right and you can handle the height of your heels. Keep your necklines and skirt lengths modest.

DO Look and Smell and Fresh

Keep your hair polished and groom yourself. Smell is also part of how you present yourself during an interview so spray on mild scents. Having a fresh look and smell will make you pleasant to talk to.

... but DON’T Put Heavy Makeup or Strong Scents

Don’t put makeup like you’re going to a night party. A natural “no makeup” look will do. Never go for a bright red lipstick. Go for nude, blush or coral. Some interviewers also have allergies so avoid using strong perfumes.

DO Wear the Classics

There is a list of job interview fashion must-haves and it has stood the test of time. The blazer is something you should invest in. Keep it in black, grey or navy color for a professional look, or in pastel hues for a fresh look. For men, a classy necktie also easily elevates your look. For women, practice wearing heels. One to two inch heels are already enough.

...but DON’T Look Outdated

Make sure you don’t look like you came from the 60’s. Be guided by the latest fashion trends so you look up-to-date. For shoes, avoid wedges and go for block heels instead. Avoid shiny or metallic fabrics. For men’s wear, make sure your buttondown fits you well; gone are the days when loose is better. For women’s wear, avoid animal prints and go for plains and simple prints. For more laidback cultures, you can ditch the blazers and go for a classy and sophisticated overalls or ensembles.