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For the fun-seekers, the rainy season can be such a bummer. Even when plane ticket and accommodation prices are commonly falling during this season, you wouldn’t want to risk your safety or to go through the hassle of wearing rain boots and bringing umbrellas during the trip. But guess what: there are many other options where you can spend quality time with your friends and family without getting wet!


There is a good number of museums spread across the country some even don’t even need you to go out of the metro. You can explore different types of museums from art, history, sciences and culture.

If you want the good old classic masterpieces, the National Museum in Manila is perfect for you. If you are interested in experiencing the natural evolution of the country, the newly opened Museum of Natural History at Manila will satisfy your senses. If you are more into contemporary art, Pinto Art Museum located in Antipolo is worth the ride. There are also interactive museums in the metro such as the Art in Island in Quezon City and Upside Down Museum in Pasay City. So whether you are in for a cultured trip or a challenge to your imagination, museums are a go-to for the family.

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Play Centers

Whether you're a child or an adult with the heart of a child, there's always something for you at interactive play centres. The good thing about these indoor playgrounds is that safety is always a top priority.  Stretch your limbs and reach great heights with trampoline parks such as Jumpyard in Pasig City and Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong. You can play basketball, dodgeball and volleyball, and break the record of highest jumps in the facilities.  If you are already tired of #adulting, go through a nostalgic experience by swimming in a giant sea of balls in Ball Pit Manila in Makati City.

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Archery and Shooting

Test your hand-eye coordination with a more challenging experience through indoor archery. Gandiva Archery in Pasig City is perfect for both archery enthusiasts and beginners.  For the adults, a more advanced and extreme rendezvous would be firing a gun.  Stronghand Shooting Range in Manila and Commander Shooting Range in Quezon City are just two of the many PNP-accredited shooting ranges in the metro.

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Mystery and Escape Rooms

Level up teamwork and test each other’s strategic skills through Mystery and Escape rooms. A standard set of rules will be given to puzzle seekers out to solve a set of challenges and clues within a limited time. What makes these rooms more exciting is that there are different themes you can choose from, with an opportunity to even win prizes when you solve the game! Breakout Philippines and Mystery Manila have many branches in the Metro.

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House Parties

If the weather becomes extreme or if the traffic is terrible, there is one good option for you. As the saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way! ” Arrange a gathering in you or your friend's house. It could be a party, a simple dinner, a movie marathon, a game night and even a group styling session from Stylist in Pocket - the list is endless!