• Everyday Day Is A Great Hair Day


Hair is every women’s crowning glory.

Be confident with the right hair shade, style, and accessories plus don’t miss out the proper hair care not to ruin its natural beauty.


  • Makeup Your Own Face Business

Plus size women may think that they are not suited to wear makeups since they think they’re not pretty enough but of course it’s a big no no. Everybody can pull the power of makeups regardless of their sizes.

You just have to learn what shades, proper contouring, selection of colors and highlights that could make you to look better and slim.


  • Life Is Too Short Not To Dress Up

Plus size women usually have troubles in dressing up. But don’t you worry!

You just have to learn the right fits, patterns, colors, seams, linings and accessories properly. Then it will all become second nature.


  • Give A Glam With A Little Bling

Over-accessorizing may not look good for plus size women.

However, what you just need to do is to is to wear a few iconic assets aimed at bringing your posture to look bolder and slimmer.


  • Shoes Speaks Louder Than Words

One major piece of advice for plus size women is to never ever wear shoes that will look you smaller, it’s a big fashion mistake if you do so.

What you need is to invest on durable edgy shoes that gives you a little more leg time to make you look stunning.


  • Let a professional give you confidence

A new trending service in the Philippines, has fashion stylists with years of experience give plus size clients more confidence with free style recommendations! With the opinion of a professional, there’s little reason for you to feel bad about your choices of style.

Try it today when you take a 3-min quiz at www.stylistinpocket.com/quiz!