How to Wear Red - This Season's Hottest Trend

Scarlet, crimson, cherry, rust, ruby - whatever you call it, wearing red has always been the most attractive color. A sign of passion and power - the color red sets off a most alluring appeal, which explains its unwavering popularity for anyone who is fashion daring.

Here's our stylists’ recommendations to pair it with your red pieces:

(1) Pair with white for a classic look

A staple when wearing red is to go for white pieces - whether it's a dress, a skirt, a bag for a more sophisticated but classy look.

Take a red lipstick. This means you have a real stand-out piece, so neutralize the rest of the outfit and let your lips be the star of the show.


(2) Rock it with Silver

When it comes to metallics, silver rocks them all. Its icy hue makes red look even more vibrant.

Opting for shiny pieces is always going to be a foolproof clean and finished look because red clothes are statement clothes that you can always pair with toned-down shades like gray/silver.


(3) Pop out with Camel or Beige

Add a pop of colour to your casual outfit and look effortlessly astonishing.

If you're looking for a neutral and subtle alternative to the usual black, white or even gray, reach for camel. You’ll be amazed how posh it looks on you.


(4) Feature the Chambray Fabrics

What matches perfectly with a red bag? A light and flowy Chambray fabric. Feel as great as you look with chambray pieces of your choice and imitate a sweet and bubbly look for a weekend mall hop.

Or go feminine in wrap or flowy dresses, they’re always chic and classic.


(5) Salute it out with Navy

If you wear red shoes and accessories, get ready to be at the center of attention: for that extra level of confidence, add some bold and noticeable feel with navy blue pieces to complement the red ones.

Find the hues that work with each other and your outfit will always look.


(6) Get Red Tips from your Free Personal Stylist

Why not utilize a free personal stylist to come up with trendy ideas of wearing red pieces? She can curate outfits and tips just for you.

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