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How to Wear Pastel in the Office

Soft, romantic, whimsical and etherea - many girls’ girlish obsession. This hue, commonly seen on cupcakes and hair color, has made its way to a fashion must-try. When it comes to reality, however, incorporating pastels to our wardrobe can get tricky.

Break up with monotony and blues, and revamp your looks with the innocent and romantic color palette. Here are 7 ways to wear pastels in the office.

1. Put a little structure to the piece

Try on tailored office dresses and skirts. The classic shift silhouette balances out the softness of the color, and looks professional. To add more character - pair it with a tailored blazer, a simple necklace, handbag and neutral colored pumps! A very feminine professional appearance indeed.

2. Wear pastel monochromatically

You may choose to stick to one shade, or color family. With color family - pair your mint green skirt with a darker green top, or your dusty rose pants with a metallic bronze blouse.

3. Don’t be afraid to go beyond 2 colors

Another way is to pair different pastel colors together for a soft yet bold look. Consider different shades for your top, bottoms and accessories. Basically, you just need to opt for shade variance to bring forth the different hues.

4. Pair with bright colors

For a bolder look - add a little edge to the softness of pastels with bright, vibrant colors. Try pairing neon with pastels, and it’ll give you a striking contrast between soft and bold. Just make sure not to overdo it. Avoid heavy jewelries if your outfit is already pronounced.

5. Sport with denim staple

Matching a blue denim with pastels is also a great way to achieve a casual look. Different shades of blue denim can give a whole different look to the outfit – the darker you choose, the more pop it will bring to your pastels. Feel free to experiment more with versatile denim pieces to outfit different looks, which will definitely highlight your pastels!

6. Go for prints and textures

To get a trendier look, and to avoid looking like a bowl of Easter candy, you can pair a pastel item with prints. You can also try printed pastel! Different textures can add dimension to an outfit. Lace, embroideries, or leather in soft colors can sure sweeten up your outfit more fashionably. Don’t be afraid to accessorize as well. Metallics mesh, studs and sparkles go well with cutesy colors.

7. A touch goes a long way

If you want to wear pastels in small doses at work, consider pastel colored shoes, jewelries and/or handbags. This is a great way to add softness to the bold colors in your office wardrobe.

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