How to Wear Bold Colors at the Office

Jessica Raig


Who says you have to stick to monotone and muted colors at work? Wearing bright colors is a sure way of exuding confidence, energy and youth. However, it can become a tricky situation, especially if you’re unsure of how to mix and match these colors in a way that isn’t garish and tacky.


Don’t be afraid to flaunt your colorful outfits this season. Dare to be bold and be more beautiful by following these tips that we have prepared for you below.


  1. Tame it a bit with Neutral and Darks


A pop of color can give you a striking attention but taming it a bit can help not to overdo it. Flaunt your bright pink dress with subdued colored blazer to help shy a bit of the attention away.


  1. Reliable Denim Friend


Denim is one of the fashion BFFs for bright colored outfits as it helps ground the look.  Simply pair a bold top with your favorite dark jeans, or throw on a denim shirt over those morning yellow trousers you’ve been wanting to wear, and you’re all ready to strut down the office alley!


  1. Bold Color with Patterns


You need not limit yourself to an outfit featuring only one bold color. Color block or fusing multiple shocking colors can help create a harmonious colorful look. Although make sure to stick with your palette when adding accessories instead of introducing new colors that might offset the scheme.


  1. Ohana of Color


A bold set of one color family can be a fun way to mix and match tints and shade. For example, light blue bottoms with royal blue top to help create a go-to outfit for those days you feel like you’re on bold point.


  1.  Add on some bright accessories


If you are a bit on the  conservative side,  you can start by adding a pop of color with accessories before jumping in the color splash.  A neutral shirt can go a long way when you add a bright colored necklace or belt.


It might take a few outfit tries and time to get use to, but practice makes perfect!