Leather shoes if a fashion must-have for both men and women. Whether for the office or for important events, a pair of leather shoes is your go-to to complete your clean and sophisticated look. Because we wear it frequently, it is best to give it proper care to avoid wear-and-tear. Get your smartphone and note these easy steps for a long lasting pair of leather shoes:

Give it a Break

We know it’s easy to pair it with almost any outfit but if you want it to last song, don’t wear it too often. The recommended maximum frequency would be twice a week. Invest in other styles and types of shoes so you can give your leather pair a break.

Make it Breath

Don’t store it in a closed box. Humidity below normal levels will cause it to crack. Place it in a shoe rack or boxes with breathable holes. Keep your leather shoes from high levels of humid to avoid moisture that causes molds.

Clean and Polish

To clean leather shoes, simply wipe the dust off with soft cloth soaked in warm water and dry them fast to avoid high levels of moisture. Polish it using wax to keep it shiny.

Condition it Regularly

Invest in leather conditioners for maximum care. Conditioners give the pair the right level of moisture it needs.

Remove the Laces

Remove the laces when cleaning, polishing, or conditioning your shoes. The material of the lace is different from the shoes so care for them separately. Regularly replace them when it gets worn out.