Maybe you’re a fresh grad. Maybe you just figured out what you want to do in life. Maybe you’re coming back from a confused episode in life. No matter what your reason is, the fact that you are reading this is a sign that you want to get serious with your life. Thinking about building a career is a manifestation of having direction and ambition in life and here in SiP, we love people on the look for life-changing opportunities! We’ve had various clients from different industries and we are inspired by their own successes in life, so we feel like sharing the vibe to you by giving you some guidelines to setting your stepping stone to success.

Figure Out Your Passion and Identify Your Skills

Most people start their career in their 20’s, and then retire in their 60’s. This means that people spend most of their lifetime in this episode of their life, and imagine spending this time of your life in something you don’t actually like. Although it’s okay to restart along the way in case of mishaps, it’s more efficient if you’ve figured out your passion at an early stage. Go for a career that you will love to do regardless of the pay. If you haven’t figured out that yet, at least know your skills. It will be risky getting out in the wild when you don’t know what you’re actually good at.

Set Your Goals

Goals keep you motivated; it pushes you to keep going. Create a list of career goals you could fulfil one-by-one. More so, create a career timeline. However, don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t keep up with it and more importantly, don’t compare your successes with others’. Everybody has their own pace, so create a timeline that is realistic enough yet push you to give your best.

Invest in Experience

Experience is the best teacher. Look out for experiences where you will learn a lot. It could be your first job, seminars and conventions, or internships. But don’t just sit there; be proactive in looking for these experiences. Go look for job postings. Especially now, it’s easier to find job openings through online listings. If you’re eyeing on a specific company, monitor the company’s career section so you would know if they have a spot perfect for you.

Connect with People

Sometimes, your big break may just be one coffee meeting away! Continuously connect with people. Don’t be afraid to talk with people you don’t know. Opportunities can sometimes come from people you least expect. We suggest preparing your business cards and give them to people you meet. Who knows, your card may end up to your future business partner?