Stylist in Pocket · How to Properly Store Your Leather Bags





Leather bags are our priced possession. It’s definitely an investment more than just an accessory. We are willing to spend a significant amount for a good quality bag. So don’t we all get frustrated when one day, we open our closets and we see it already breaking apart and it’s time to say goodbye, especially when feel like we haven’t made the most out of it yet? The key is to store it properly. Follow these easy steps to prolong the lifetime of your leather bags:

Step 1: Wipe Away the Dirt

With a dry or damp cloth, remove dust and dirt gently. Do not rub the bag.

Step 2: Condition

Our leather bags ideally need to be conditioned once a year. Apply leather conditioner on the surface and leave it for 30 minutes. Wipe away with soft damp cloth.

Step 3: Maintain the Shape

Fill the bag with bubble wrap, cushion or baking paper. Do not use newspaper to avoid transferring ink to the inner fabric.

Step 4: Avoid Moisture

Put the bag in a dust bag. A pillowcase can also do. Exposing your leather to moist can cause molds which will lead to ultimate breakage.

Step 5: Store in the Right Place

Store the bag in a cool closet. Do not expose to hot weather conditions or direct sunlight.

Step 6: Use It Once in a While

Bags, when unused for a long time, have the tendency to have cracked surfaces. Use the bag once in a while or apply rotations among all your bags.