How to Dress Up for Work When It Rains

The rain can be pretty inconvenient. A rainy season demands a very different wardrobe. As opposed to summer, the weather is cooler, and showers can come and go. These two factors can define your outfits for this season. Here's a guide for you with your rainy day workwear wardrobe - mix and match this with your other garments to create multiple looks.

Foldable Umbrella

Out of all the rainy-day essentials, this is the most important. You're on point outfit will be put to waste if you end up soaking in rainwater. Whether you are commuting to work or bringing your car, an umbrella can not only protect your outfit and belongings but can also keep yourself from getting cough and colds. To stay stylish, make sure your umbrella looks well with your outfit. A neutral colour umbrella is highly recommended, so choose the foldable one so it won’t be bulky for you.

Cropped Pants or Knee-length Skirts

Now is not the time to sport your palazzos and maxis; otherwise, you will end up wet with muddy water. Keep yourself tidy and light by wearing bottoms above your ankles such as Culottes. As for gents,  you can fold your pants outside and drop it when you go indoors.

Waterproof/resistant Bag

Protect your necessary documents and gadgets in a bag that doesn’t absorb water such as leather bags, clear bags, or waterproof containers. Just make sure you wipe droplets off immediately, especially for leather, because too much moisture can damage the bag’s material.

Synthetic Fabrics

Although we support natural and eco-friendly fabrics, we still need a few pieces made out of synthetic fabrics especially during the rainy season. Synthetic materials such as lycra, nylon, and neoprene easily dry and are opaque, so you don’t need to worry about having your undergarments exposed when you get wet.


Stay warm this season with knitwear. With a full blast of air conditioning in the office, while the rain outside assists the drops in temperature, your officemates will also most likely be wearing their jackets. Go for a jacket or a cardigan that is easy to mix with your other garments so you won’t need to own too many similar pieces. Plus it doesn't hurt to lessen the laundry load given that it’s the season for difficult clothes drying. Also note - Coats may be too over-the-top for Metro Manila style.

Rubber Sandals

We’re not going to lie; this is not a country where you can wear boots every day. As a substitute for this western essential, footwear manufactured from rubber has become a fashion trend. You can find ballet flats and even wedges made out of rubber. If you don’t see this fit with your style, we suggest you wear a pair of rubber slippers or sandals on the way to work then change to your usual pair when you’re already indoors.