How to Clean Your White Shoes

A pair of sneakers (and shoes in general) is one fashion items in your closet that requires the most maintenance. No one who purchases a couple of these will think that it will be white forever. Especially this rainy season, your white sneakers is visibly exposed to mud, dirt and oils. Like any other types of shoes, proper care and cleaning will prolong the life of your white shoes. Here is a list of cleaning tips to keep your sneakers looking as new as possible!

For Sneakers: Baking Soda + Detergent

When your pair of sneakers is no longer as white as it is used to be, you should mix baking soda and detergent in 1:1.5 ratio. Scrub the mixture on to the surface using a toothbrush and rinse it afterwards. Put baby powder and let it dry.

For Leather and Other Synthetic Material: Mild Soap and Water

Luckily, leather and other synthetic materials are easier to clean. Just handwash your shoes with mild soap and as needed use detergent for the soles.

Vinegar for Spot Stains

Spot-cleaning stains can be tricky. When done the wrong way, you may worsen the stain. Usually, when you only use soap and water to spot-clean, you can leave a brown ring caused by the minerals and other substances in the water, which turns into rust-like colour when exposed to oxygen. To prevent this, use your home vinegar and dab it on to the stain using a wash rag.

Nail Polish on Scratches

When your leather shoes get scratches, white nail polish can do the trick. Put a small amount of white nail polish on the scratch only. Just make sure the nail polish is the same shade as that of the shoes.

Shampoo on Oil Stains

Use a mild shampoo to clean oil stains. It works the same way it does on our hair. Use a toothbrush and mix the shampoo with warm water. Gently wipe off the oil stain.

Wash Your Laces Separately and Mildly

The laces deserve the same care as your shoes, but they have to care for separately. Wash the laces using mild soap and warm water, and hang it to air dry.