Tired of having hyper-feminine look? We understand that sometimes too much of a “girly” look can be frustrating, uncomfortable and suffocating. Our stylists recommend that every now and then, women can wear mens wear-inspired fashion.

This fashion type subsequently breaks free the traditional feminine clothing that gives more a bit of a more chic and subtle appearance aimed at total confidence and utmost comfort. Learn how to pull off men’s pieces with these 7 fashion tips from our stylists.

1. Play around with Flannel Shirts:

Discover how versatile this piece can be. From a strong street style look to a cute playful vibe by wearing it in an oversized and loose, Flannel shirts come in different sizes, colors and patterns.

Best worn with layers or if prefered just as it is.


  1. Warm up to Oversized Sweaters:

Choosing the best sweater is as easy as looking around the menswear section.

With assured durability and quality, oversized sweaters let you pull off casual looks and in the cold seasons they can provide you a much needed warmth and comfy feeling.


  1. Bloom with Real Boyfriend Jeans:

Jump on the bandwagon with the latest trend - Real Boyfriend Jeans. What started from the boys, when we say “boyfriend jeans” these are the denims cut that have a relaxed and straight fit. Meant to be for the boys but later altered to fit for the girls.

To get an authentic one its better to head into the men’s department to have the good pair ragged look.


  1. Time up with Men’s Watches:

Possessing clunky watches that line up with your wrist, can give off a total girl boss aura.

Metallic colors can give off a powerful and wise appearance, perfect for meetings.


  1. Keeping it simple with Basic T-Shirts:

Maybe you’re wondering why there are so many kinds of men’s shirts in every department store. It’s cause the men’s section really offers a great selection of tees. From plains to printed, t-shirts create a steady demand for men.

So, obviously, it’s the sign that women should grab a pair and have our all-time favorite piece.


  1. Keeping it Smooth with Button Down Shirts:

One of the most versatile pieces, Button Down shirts can be styled with anything - jeans, shorts and leggings.

You can even make it a dress if it’s long enough, just don’t forget to add the belt for a cinched waist.


  1. Utilize your Sweatpants:

Looking for a comfier fit? Don’t hesitate to grab a piece of sweatpants! This gives every woman a bit of a athletic chic look!

Best paired with sleeveless, crop tops and fitted shirts.

Looking for more comfy pieces that fit you? Ask your personal stylist for a closet filled of recommendations when you sign up at today!