More Exercise. Contrary to belief, exercise is not only for the physique-conscious. Days of only associating muscle heads and gym buffs are long gone as more and more people are realizing there is more to exercising than sculpting one's body. It's a good way to release some stress and blow off some steam. It'll help uplift your mood and lessen your stress. Whenever you exercise, your body releases Endorphins and Serotonin— chemicals in your brain that are generally associated with feeling good. You'll feel more energized and will be happy to find that you don't tire easily. You can even try to do alternative workouts like Yoga, which will not only trim your waist but also promotes mental and spiritual well-being.



Eat Healthier. It's no secret that food has a heavy bearing on your life in general. Diet is key if you want to live a happy, healthy life. You can go to the gym all you want but it won't really if you don't accompany it with a balanced diet. Eating healthy makes you feel better inside and out.  And while it's irresistible to eat a cheeseburger now and then, it's better to stick to food that's less greasy and more leaf-ey. You can also go for quick mood boosters such as walnuts, green tea, dark chocolate, flax seed for an instant pick-me-upper. For bigger meals, try incorporating chia seeds, avocados, and salmon. Drink lots of waters and consider cutting back on your sodas and juices because they very high on sugar content.

Dress Better. Some people might think it shallow to be so concerned with the way one dresses. But knowing that you've made an effort to look extra nice today boosts your confidence by a lot. It's actually even therapeutical when you spend a little me time. Be it  experimenting with new clothes or just sitting in front of a vanity and making up your face. It's those little things that lets you take care of our personal well-being. But of course, being as busy as you are, you most likely don't get the luxury of doing it every day. Good thing you can have your own stylist within an arm's reach! With Stylist in Pocket, you'll have your own personal stylist who can help you with your styling needs.  Be it knowing how to dress for your body shape, picking out colors to flatter your undertones, or curating your clothes for an event, your stylist will always be ready to help you out. It's also really easy to book!


Worry Less. It is in our nature to worry. It's just how we're built. Although worrying excessively will really dampen your mood. There are things that you cannot control so it is best not to be hard on yourself when something doesn't go your way. Plan ahead but also be prepared for a different outcome. Try to prioritize and find out where to allocate your time and effort. Take  some time to take it easy and find your inner zen.