Every time we step out of our doors, we are greeted with stunning holiday displays--from dazzling Christmas lights to life-sized Santa Claus decorations. Indeed, we're already in full-blown holiday mode.
Christmas is the time for celebrations and joy. For many, it's also the perfect excuse to dress up and add a little sparkle to their overall look. Although fun and exciting, it also doubles the challenge of figuring out our everyday outfits for work.   
Having a company dress code gives us the idea that we only need an outfit for sitting inside our cubicles. We tend to stock our closets with basic corporate pieces, while forgetting about style and matching. But we don't want to be stuck in doldrums of company dress codes forever.
Lucky for you, we've rounded up 5 different tips to incorporate the Yuletide season to your business outfits while still keeping it appropriate for work. Check them out.

1. Go bold with colors 

Colors greatly affect our moods and how other people respond to us. Inject some life into your corporate wear with vibrant colors fit for the holiday mood.

2. Make a statement with accessories

Add a fun factor to the company dress code by accessorizing with simple statement pieces.

3. Say it loud and proud with patterns

Elevate your style by opting for printed designs rather than the usual solid colors. Layer multiple patterns that are anchored to a solid piece.

4. Go for classic with tweed jacket

Keep yourself warm without looking too stuffy with a reliable tweed jacket. This classic piece will make sure to instantly dress you up for success.

5. Edge it up with some heels

Master power dressing while fusing the holiday spirit to your business attire by wearing comfortable and stylish heels.

Don't be afraid to dress it up a little bit this holiday season while still donning a business-appropriate attire. Work becomes fun when we get to play with fashion and take style into our office outfits.
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