How to wear black in summer

Al Raig

How to Wear Black in Summer

AL Raig

You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” - Christian Dior

It’s summer! Most people may have started to wear bright-colored and patterned clothes. But there are some who just might still be holding onto their precious black ensembles, or can’t wait to wear this color again at the end of summer. Just because the temperature is rising, it doesn’t mean we need to give up our all-black-everything outfits anytime soon. Many say black is a big summer no-no, or is it... not? Hard to believe that black in summer used to be a style bomb. Let us help you learn how you can wing those black outfits on summer days.

1. Fabric Matters

Ventilation is a big factor when you wear a black shirt. Is it breathable enough for the summer heat? Fortunately, we now have access to more fabric options such as sheer, “no-sweat,” cooling and heat resistant.

2. Back to Basics

Don't let your preconceived notions of colorful summer dressing give you a mental block. A black tank top with flowy skirt work just as well.

3. Yes to Silhouettes

Most skin is out, say hello to mini skirt. Although, be mindful of going overboard with tiny tops and tiny bottoms. Pairing a mini skirt or crop top will look best with something loose.

4. Know your comfort zone!

Black on black can be tricky to go for. Try the athleisure trend - a loose-fitting tank top can be best paired with black joggers/tights/leggings. Add in a moto jacket for an unexpected night-out with your girls.

5. Step it up with some textures

Already comfortable with wearing those black clothes again? Why not step up your fashion game with an element of surprise. A hint of tassel, glitters, or velvet is a great way to do the trick.

6. Accessorize!

If you don't have a piece of clothing with an interesting detail, then take the opportunity to rock a statement accessory or shoes - like a conversation-starter pair of gladiator sandals.

7. Minimalism is key

Simplicity can be the key for beauty. A LBD can still look amazing in the hot weather if paired with thin strap sandals, a pair of sunglasses and a summer bag. Keep your accessories minimal to elevate the easy-going vibe on the sweltering heat.

P.S. Black is not just for fair skin, but it also looks good on tan skin. Black can be best described with one word: Versatile. It can be for any season and color if you know how to rock it!

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