Denim (especially jeans) are one of our most hard-working clothes. They are our casual staple and with the comeback of 90’s fashion, we wear them now more often. They also come now in different pieces, from jackets and dresses, to bags and footwear. And if you’re a fan of denim-on-denim, your pieces are most likely to have a trip to the washing machine more often.

Denims can sometimes be a bit expensive especially if you’re investing in the good ones. If you want your denims to last longer, here are things you should keep in mind:

Go For Raw, Heavy and Dark

If you have these three checked, your denim is a long-lasting one. Make sure your denims are raw, and are above 16oz. If you bought dark jeans, you can preserve its color by setting it with a tablespoon of salt on cold water.

Size Matters

And by that, we mean getting the right fit for you. Make sure you get the right size. Some denims shrink after wash, so you want to avoid causing more friction on your garment to avoid breakage.

Do Not Wash Too Often

Do not, by all means, go for wash-and-wear. Buy a couple of pairs so you can rotate them per week. Also, it is better to use cold water as frequent exposure to heat can shrink and ultimately break denim.

No Drycleaning

As mentioned, heat is your denim’s enemy. Hang and air dry your denims instead to avoid shrinkage. Even expensive and thick denims are no exception to the rule.