Summer 2018 is undeniably hot. Ever since April started, we boost are fans and air conditioning units. We go to the beach and take a sip of our favourite smoothies to beat the heat. And unlike in school, we don’t have a long break; we still have to go to school. Our trip to work and assignments in the field can be more uncomfortable this time, so here are some fashion tips to keep your cool this summer.

Tip #1: Go Lightweight

Choose light and breathable fabrics. In our past blog entries, we gave you two examples: linen and cotton. Set aside your neoprenes and chiffons for the rainy days if you don’t want to sweat so much. For companies with dress code, if you can’t avoid wearing long sleeves, then the choice of fabric can save you.

Tip #2: Go for Short

This season, you have an excuse to show some skin. Go for just the right length of bottoms and sleeves, enough for your skin to breathe more without looking too flashy. Knee length skirts and sleeveless tops are pretty acceptable. It still depends on the company’s dress code so if you work for a laid-back culture, you’re a lucky one!

Tip #3: Ditch the Dark Hues


Black is your ultimate enemy during hot climates as they absorb and store heat in the fabric. Go for pastel and bright hues so you can look and feel cool and fresh. Oh the amazing power of colors!

Tip #4: Ditch the Layers

You might want to lessen the number of fabrics that touch your skin. However, if you need to look formal for a client meeting or a presentation, we suggest you just bring your blazer and wear them when you arrive in the office. Lightweight blazers are also available so you may want to invest in them this season. You can also go for statement dresses you don’t need to do some layering.