Here are looks that perfectly balance in-the-presence-of-my-boss appropriate and suitably (pun intended?) festive for the occasion.

Scrambling to put together an outfit from the depths of your closet? That’s perfectly fine, as long as you’ve got a great pair of shoes to go with it. For obvious reasons, avoid new heels or boots if dancing is on the short list of party events.

Make a splash with the color of the season—red! If this isn’t a color you wear normally, the holiday party is the perfect time to break it out (without feeling like it’s too much).

Think about if you’d want your boss (or the most senior person at your company) to see you wearing this outfit. If there’s any concern that something is too short, too tight, too baggy, too shear, or too flashy, it’s probably safe to say it’s a no-go. Save it for New Year’s Eve when you take to the bar with your closest pals.