The holidays are just around the corner and it’s only a matter of time until we get swept up in a gift-giving bonanza in December. As families get ready to come together to share their thanks to each other, it’s a plentiful Christmas gift that marks the occasion well. 
For the rest of the working class, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the holidays would probably be R-E-S-T. While the holiday season often means rest days and relaxation, we could also admit that we still feel a bit antsy when we think about finding the perfect plethora of gifts for our loved ones. Nothing stresses us more than thinking we’ve bought the wrong gift or that we’ve given the right gift to the wrong person. 
While looking through gift suggestions online often help, there are still a handful of things we should consider—is it in-season? Does it concur with the receiver’s tastes? Will he/she even like it? These points are often neglected because we often just reach for the nearest item on the shelf. 

A Different Christmas

As we all may have expected, this year’s Christmas celebration won’t be the same as we’re accustomed to. We might have to temporarily say goodbye to big family reunions, Christmas parties at the office and reunions with friends. Thinking about holiday gifts has become harder than ever.
While thinking about this might be a bit too early for some, you don’t need to worry because we’ve got it all figured out for you. We’ve made it very easy for you to find the perfect holiday package for everyone on your list. Not only is this gift idea relevant in today’s circumstances but it is also the perfect gift all year-round. 

Safety Care Box

What could possibly be more special than a personalized gift? Our new Safety Care Pack is nothing short of extraordinary because it allows you to curate your own holiday package for your loved ones—all the while helping them stay protected from the virus. 
This pandemic has challenged the whole world and forced everyone to stay within the four corners of our homes. This makes it extremely harder to look for gift ideas. While giving protective personal equipment may not be the most aesthetic choice, it is definitely what is more ideal right now; because what else is better to receive than the gift of safety? 
From facial gear to general protection categories, exhaust your creative juices to come up with the perfect holiday basket, and choose from our wide array of essential items to give to your loved ones.
Contents per Care Box can be curated based on the following prices: P800, P1,200, P1,500, P2,000 and above.
As a PPE supplier in the Philippines, we made it our mission to help ensure your safety as well as your family. Check out our wide array of safety essentials for you and your family at