We want clothes that look great and make us feel amazing too. We encourage everyone to find out what works for them and not to rely too much on rules and in-the-box thinking. Read on to find out five style tips for the modern curvy girl.

While you might find that horizontally-striped wallpaper makes your room look wider, it doesn’t always do the same for your body. It’s all about wearing pieces with proportions that work for you.

Patterned clothes won’t add pounds if they are worn the right way, and they’ll give your wardrobe much more versatility. Ditch your dull go-to outfit and go for something with a bright print. You’ll shine for all the right reasons.

Whether you want to rock a bold, barely-there lace dress or try a subtler take on the sheer look with a few strategically-placed mesh panels, there's a piece out there that's perfect for you. Sheer styles can run the gamut from romantic to minimalist to sporty and everywhere in between.

A cropped jacket that hits right at the waistline perfectly accentuates your curves. For more corporate settings, opt for a cute blazer instead.

Dark wash skinny jeans and well-fitted bootcut styles look best on curvy women. Skinny jeans will elongate your legs and show off those curves, while a boot cut jean will make your thighs appear smaller.