Not everyone chooses the corporate track to establish their career. There are also others who work for a number of years in the corporate world and then ultimately go freelance once they’ve saved up enough money for their dream business. Going freelance can be more risky because cash inflow is not as regular as having a day job, but gives you more control of your time and your productivity. We met up with some friends in the freelance world and gave us these tips to win a client:

Create a Portfolio

It is now easier to display your works, thanks to internet. Through free blogging and website/building platforms, you can upload your wo  rks and stories in your own website. Use your website to display your personal branding as well. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can purchase your own domain for as low as P800 per year. Some platforms even give it away at a discounted price! If you find website-building complicated, Instagram can be your temporary portfolio, or ask a friend to build your website for you.

Update Your Online Resume

Online resumes such as help you connect with prospect clients and business partners. Continuously update your resume so people can track your professional experience. Now that has a newsfeed feature, you can share status updates and stories as well so take advantage of it to connect with people.

Be Active and Professional in Social Media


Social media is an avenue for marketing yourself and your product/service. The best part about is it is free! However, some social media platforms create an algorithm that controls your appearance in the feed. To keep appearing in the feed, make sure your posts are relevant and engaging. Don’t spam people; limit to 1 to 2 posts per day. Also, make sure your language is positive and professional. Limit your personal posts; you can manage your privacy settings so you can control who sees your certain posts. It is also up to you if you will separate your personal and professional page. A personal account it appears more frequently on the feed, but puts your personal information at risk. Don’t be shy as well to offer your products/services via personal message, but don’t spam them or be too pushy.

Continuously Lookout for Projects


Just like looking for job openings, looking for freelance projects also work the same. There are already online project listing platforms. Apply as frequent as you can to get more clients. Turn on your email notifications in your account so you won’t miss out on new projects. There are also social media groups for freelancers and entrepreneurs; join in these groups because sometimes, they post openings for projects and business ventures.

Attend Conventions and Seminars


Keep yourself updated about the industry and connect with people through conventions and seminars. Bring your business card with you and give it to everyone you meet. You don’t know where your business card will end up; maybe to your next client!

Do Tie-ups or Collaboration


A co-marketing strategy: tie-up with people/brands in the same industry that complement your products and services. For example, if you are a photographer, tie-up with fashion designers and caterers for a full wedding package. You will not only get clients at the same time plus, you will also attract referrals for future clients.