Filipino Food to Keep You Warm on Monsoon Weather

WARNING! This article will make you hungry!

Food is essential for keeping us warm and cosy as the rain pours. It is the perfect time to drive to Tagaytay or Antipolo to taste those sumptuous meals and snacks while looking at the hazy horizon.  Here are some suggestions on what to look for (or even prepare by yourself) when it comes to delicious comfort food:

Coffee and Bread

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Start your day right with a tasty pair of hot coffee and bread!   It will provide you with enough energy to survive the whole morning. You can opt for the classic hot pan de sal cooked in a pugon to savour its softness and tastiness. If you want a little sweetness, ensaymada with cheese on top is always a good choice.

Kakanin/Filipino Delicacies

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Drive by Marikina or Antipolo to get a wide variety of kakanin.  You can easily find there ube halaya, suman, puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, and biko - the list is endless! They are mostly made out of rice so not only are they flavoursome, but also they can quickly make you full. Make this your snack, and you will surely have a happy tummy.


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The chocolate porridge of every Filipino, Champorado is a timeless breakfast loved by the young and old. The best thing about this is you can experiment with the taste by adding more milk or sugar depending on your preference. Plus it's comforting to eat while you under the blanket watching a movie.


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No one goes to Tagaytay without trying this favourite cold climate classic. The bulalo consists of bone marrow with vegetables and hot soup. Just goes to show that you don’t need chili for a portion of food to make you sweat!


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Another Batangas favourite, this is the noodles you need to eat on a rainy day. The noodles slide through your tongue as you savour the hot thick and flavorful soup; indeed a great feeling while you share your lomi with a loved one.