The curtains to this year have been raised and as the models make their way down the runway, with the designers their directors, and fashion’s biggest names their audience, the first wave of picks for this year’s trends has been revealed. The fashion houses have spoken and these are the standouts for this year:


80’s. Style trends always make a comeback and sometimes a whole decade of style comes back. Last year’s nostalgia was all about the 90’s in all its denim glory. Now the 80’s is taking a cue and wants to be in the spotlight. Trends like statement shoulders and bold earrings have been popping up on the runways and it’s just the beginning of the year.

Dark denim. Denim just keeps reinventing itself and finding new ways to get itself back in our closets. Last year, it was all about the denim jackets and the denim skirts. And it will be no different in 2018 as we’ll be seeing a lot more of them. Except this year, it takes on a darker form. And designers such as Fendi and Max Mara have had their models sashay the runway cladded in this trend.

Asymmetrical. The one shoulder trend last year was a big hit for those who want a little bit of something something but refuse to go full bare with their shoulders. It’s a happy medium that everyone was willing to adopt. And this year, it’s coming in all kinds of form and print. Asymmetric skirts and tops in bold prints, candy-colored stripes, and florals are ones to watch out for. But especially popular paired with another crowd favorite: ruffles.

See through fabrics. The hubadera trend, as Millenials would call it, has been strongly holding its place in the hearts of brazen Filipinas and it’s not about to die down. And it’s not only about peek-a-boos and skin baring styles now, it’s managed to evolve and morph itself into sheers, mesh, and even satin lingerie that can be worn outside of the bedroom.  So steady your racy heart because it’s here to stay.

Ultra violet. And lastly, a colour, or better yet, the colour. Pantone has been labeled by many as the world renowned authority for color for years and years. People wait for its color pick every year for a reason. It’s like style horoscope for fashion mavens. And it’s not just a lucky pick; much research is put into it before christening a colour of its prestigious status. And Pantone seems to have the right formula as it’s never failed to forecast color trends for the past years. So expect to see this color everywhere in all forms and sizes: shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories, you name it.