With everyone being on quarantine for almost five months, it sure has slowed down the country’s GDP, forcing the government to open up businesses and commercial establishments. From a strict country-wide lockdown back in March, Filipinos are now experiencing something more lenient and relaxed with the General Community Quarantine (GCQ). 
With restrictions further eased, public utility vehicles (PUVs) are now allowed to operate again in a limited capacity. This means that millions of Filipino employees are now back on the streets to head to their offices, and daily commute is almost returning back to normal. 
But what can the riding public expect from this?

Face Shields as the New Normal

As part of the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) initiative to further reduce the risk of virus transmission, they have mandated the requirement to use face shields on top of face masks. This further decreases the chances of exposure and emission of respiratory droplets or aerosoles. Initially, this order covered only trains, buses, jeepneys, taxis, passengers vessels and airplanes.
Now, not only are face shields required in public transportation, they are also made mandatory in commercial establishments like malls and parks. This makes it even more difficult for the vast majority of Filipinos.
And I know what you’re thinking: “This will totally ruin my whole look!” Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered–literally. 

What are Face Shields

Who would have thought that in 2020, we’d be strutting down the streets with half of our faces covered. In our recent blog posts, we talked about how we could incorporate face masks into our wardrobe. Now that face shields are also mandated, this calls for another fashion emergency. 
Before we talk about how we could still keep it stylish, let’s discuss its functionality. Face shields provide an additional layer of protection to our faces, and they are primarily used for the eyes. As we know already, the virus has three key entry points: our mouth, nose, and eyes. Face masks already have the first two covered, which leaves out our eyes being the most prone to droplet projectiles. Before and after using the face shields, though, one must still thoroughly wash his/her hands, and cautiously avoid touching his/her eyes, mouth or nose. 

Styling with Face Shields

Unlike face masks, face shields don’t come in a wide range of colors of patterns. They are usually limited to colors of black and white because they don’t really have much work space to design on, since the majority of its structure comes in acrylic or acetate films.  
No need to worry because in our new PPE site, face shields now come in different forms, and these are not just those run-of-the-mill eyeglass frames we see everywhere (although we serve those, too!), we’re talking about stylish visors and functional swing-up face shields. 

Visor Safety Glasses

Goggles are so last season. Protect your eyes in the most stylish way possible with visor glasses. These come in compact shields that cover and protect your face from just above the forehead to the nose, and act as barriers from droplets, dust, oil, smoke, and other particles that are not visible to the naked eye. 
In our product catalogue, you may choose from clear acrylic lens to colored mirror mono lens for a unique look. Just choose what fits your outfits best.

Face Visor


Like visor safety glasses, this highly durable face shield covers your face from loose aerosoles. This one, though, stretches to the bottom of your nose–thus giving extra protection. It’s compact design is created with sturdy materials that are not easy to scratch or damage. 

Swing Up Face Shield


Adding another layer to cover our face will still need some getting used to. This lightweight face includes a swing-up feature that adjusts to your level of comfortability and need. With the 1mm Polyethylene material used, it’s sure to withstand different materials from dust particles to high-velocity debris.
As a PPE supplier in the Philippines, we made it our mission to help ensure your safety as well as your family. Check out our wide array of safety essentials for you and your family at ppe.stylistinpocket.com