Wearing of face masks has been part of the culture for colder Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan. It has been a common sight long before the COVID-19 phenomenon. Face masks were worn for several reasons like avoiding wind burn, preventing the spread of the common cold or just for fashion’s sake. 
With COVID-19 entering the country, Filipinos were quick to embrace the face mask culture. This facial gear helps protect people around you from droplets you might expel not just from coughing or sneezing, but also from talking or even merely breathing. This means that even people without symptoms present may still be at risk of spreading the coronavirus. 
Although it could be quickly dismissed as a fashion-breaker, face masks are now seen as an exciting opportunity to experiment with outfits, much like how Korea, China and Japan do it. More than absolute protection, these face coverings could now be a means to express your personal style. 
Medical and non-medical masks are expanding their options to accommodate fashion-forward consumers. This means that with their newly added colors, it’s now easier for you to mix-and-match your OOTDs.   
Ideally, face masks should be multi-layered and should include filters. Aside from medical masks like surgical masks and N95 respirators, washable face masks are also stepping up their game and including an option for their users to insert filters. This means that you can now protect yourself while saving a ton of money in the long-run, since you can wash and reuse them. 
The only thing you’ll have to deal with now is what color to choose from! Lucky for you, we’ve already compiled different options for you to choose from.




This premium mask protects you from micro dust and virus with its bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE) of 99%. It is made of 100% cotton and provides a comfortable layer of protection from airborne irritants. Like the 3M 1860 N95 Mask, it stays secured with its two-strap design. The Irum Fine Dust KF94 Mask has a 3D structure that increases breathing space, smooth breathing, and reduces gaps between masks and faces. 




The new culture of wearing face masks still need some getting used to, but this doesn't mean that we should keep sacrificing our comfort for safety. Luckily, washable face masks were invented. This one is made with neoprene fabric. In wins in terms of comfortability because it doesn't have a nose wire, and it has adjustable ear loops. These masks are autoclavable and are supplied to top hospitals. No need to worry about ensuring protection because this one has an inside pocket for your to insert filters. You can choose from a wide array of colors, which makes this perfect for everyday use. 
As a PPE supplier in the Philippines, we made it our mission to help ensure your safety as well as your family. Check out our wide array of safety essentials for you and your family at ppe.stylistinpocket.com