Age is nothing more than a number. Right? While you should technically be able to wear whatever you want whenever you want, style inevitably does vary based on the year you were born. Are you wearing the same jeans style at 45 as you were at 25? Or the same skirt length, for that matter? Probably not. But just because you're getting "older" doesn't mean your look can't feel just as fresh as when you were 20.

To prove it, we highlighted five incredibly fashionable women in every age bracket from 30 on, along with styling tips to master each of their looks. You'll reach for each of these sophisticated outfit formulas time and time again.

Amal Clooney white dress

Amal Clooney, 38

Looking for a fun but not stuffy ensemble for a night out? Skip the miniskirt and opt for a shorter dress with a pretty, lace detail. To give the vibe a modern twist, toss on a long suede jacket and add two-strap stiletto sandals. 

Cameron Diaz black and white outfit

Cameron Diaz, 43

Just because you're in your 40s doesn't mean you can't wear formfitting clothing. The key is to go for one tighter silhouette and balance it out with looser-feeling items elsewhere. We love the idea of slipping into a perfectly fitting pair of skinny jeans and adding a billowy blouse and cute ankle booties. 

Sarah Jessica Parker dress and blazer

Sarah Jessica Parker, 51

Off to after-hours drinks with your colleagues? Keep your vibe buttoned-up and age appropriate but still fun with an eye-catching metallic dress. The structured blazer up top keeps the look sleek while the smart add-ons further enhance the ensemble. 

Mary Steenburgen red carpet

Mary Steenburgen, 63

Hey, you're 60—wear whatever you want! But if you want an off-duty look that doesn't read sloppy, try a pretty ruffled blouse, cardigan, and jeans. Add a pair of ankle boots and you're set.

Lauren Hutton suit

Lauren Hutton, 72

You're 70! Embrace it. Whether you're off to dinner with your long-term lover or heading to a party to celebrate your BFF's retirement, you can't go wrong in wide-leg trousers (hey, got to stay comfy!) and tailored separates. So chic and sophisticated.