While quarantine has physically separated us and the only thing that brings us together is zoom nights, many of us are seeking for exciting new methods to get a virtual taste of things that are new and interesting rather than having one-on-one chats all the time. So, here are 8 fun ideas you can do with your pals to spice up your virtual hangout activities.


Nothing beats the excitement of watching a movie with your best friends. Two amazing add-ons to watch together are Netflix Party and Scene from Google Chromecast. The movie is shown simultaneously with everyone else, while you can still chat on one side. You can even have someone share their screen and stream a movie on Zoom for you!


Adding trivia nights to your virtual nights will bring some pleasure to your distant part. Quizzes and Games are a great way to keep a big group of friends entertained during a virtual hangout. Create a quiz powerpoint presentation and submit your answers using your Zoom chat box. If you're working with a big group, Zoom can let you set up breakout rooms where you can have individual conversations before returning to the main room. You can also increase the competition's ferocity by offering generous rewards.


Finding the motivation to exercise at home can be difficult, but it is preferable to do so with company. Team up with your regular fitness buddies and consider watching a video workout streamed through your zoom group. You could also register online courses or apps for your pump, or assign one of your friends to show the workout steps through a zoom.


Choose your fave dish while chatting over video chat on Zoom! It can be planned or random, as you like. If you and your friends aren't in the mood to cook, you can always order a takeout from your favorite restaurant instead!


Put on your best outfit and throw a virtual cocktail party with your friends! You may send cool invitations either to your chat group or even by mail (ex: Google Calendar) if you want to make it more formal. Make a playlist for everyone to dance to, and include cool images from the zoom background for everyone to enjoy.


Sing out your favorite melodies straight from your zoom nights - with a shared screen karaoke video from YouTube and a muted microphone so that you can listen well to the person singing. Your group will definitely enjoy singing and dancing to their coworkers.


Host a book club with your bookworm pals! Complete your bucket list of books to read and have virtual meetings once a week where you can engage in dynamic dialogue and continuous debates over the course of your whole night!


You may work on a project together or split off and tackle different crafts—just keep the video chat going while you work. Set a deadline for everyone so that you may show each other your finished works at the end of the night. You may even award prizes to the best players, just to add a bit of friendly-competition among you and your friends!
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