Better together - that's how couples work, we call them power couple. But what happens if these couples not just rock their career but also their outfits? It has never been sweeter than knowing people who love leading each other in great success. Besides looking good is already a plus in a relationship.

Sometimes the way we dress dictates how a relationship is working for us. It's the same way with the first time we aimed to look good and smell good to get the attention of the person we admire. Not to mention, making sure to mix and match different outfits every time you have a date. Sadly, being mindful of how we look start to decrease in the middle of the relationship.

It's Iconic. These two - Michelle Obama and Barack Obama - are really the epitome of a power couple. It’s not just because of their political power and influence, but the way they team up to take care of each other, especially on the way they look in public, is beyond any PR agency could handle. There’s no doubt that their outfits are planned by their own Stylist and designer labelled outfits which cost a thousand or so. Expensive or simplified living, it still boils down on how you confidently bring yourself to complement each other. Who said you can't afford styling when Stylist in Pocket is there to supply you with great quality clothes and your very own FREE personal Stylist. Seems like a dream come true huh? Well, you deserve it as much as people around you believe that you deserve better. No need to worry about anything because Stylist in Pocket loves to help you out.

Remember people nowadays take pictures everywhere and anytime; eyes are always open not just to these two beautiful people, but also to you and how you look in public. As a couple or as an individual, it is always nicer to dress well.


There's this fact in psychology that you look somewhat similar to your life partner. You’re mirroring each other, even in dressing up for any occasion. Let us share with you three ways to be an Iconic Fashion Power Couple just like Barack and Michelle Obama:

  1. Be mindful of what the other person is wearing. This doesn’t mean that you need to match every time. But by being aware of your partner’s style helps both of you adapt and be comfortable in any setting. This is a confidence booster for both of you since you know each other’s likes and dislikes.
  2. Complement each other with the way they look. Start greeting your partner in the morning. No matter what they are wearing, make sure to genuinely compliment them. Bring yourself together in public places, and start walking confidently in the restaurant you’re planning to have lunch. Remember that it’s always better together. No matter what you’re wearing, if you feel good for each other, your glow will definitely show.
  3. Plan things together. Try great clothing pieces with your partner. This will save you time in looking for outfits for the next gathering. Planning your outfit ahead is a plus in a relationship. When both of you decide what suits the other, no matter how many people stand between the both of you at a party, you will surely spot your other half. Dressing up together indeed shows how you complement each other. Plus, you will already  know what clothing pieces to gift him/her the next time! *wink*


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