Stylist in Pocket · Clothing Care: Stain Remedies




No matter how careful we can be with our clothes, we will always encounter having our clothes stained because of unpredictable happenings; when we accidentally sit on something, when our drinks spilled, when our kids play with paint and pens, when we rest our backs on metal railings. Dealing with stains can be a tedious task that can damage our clothes when we don’t know the right remedy for it. This is why we are giving you important things to know about removing stains. There are three (3) factors to consider when removing them:

Length of Exposure

The golden rule: remove fabrics ASAP except for mud! The longer the stain is on your clothes, the harder it is to remove. Dab lukewarm water immediately on the stain or soak in cold water because delicate fabrics are prone to spotting.

The Type of Fabric

It is important to know the durability of a fabric. Cotton and synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyester are durable so it is quite safe to use mild chemicals, like acids and bleaches, and put pressure on these. Wool and silk and extra delicate so you can only use water or wool-friendly detergents and you cannot scrub them hard. Overall, make sure to read your clothes’ wash care if any, so you know how to treat them.

The Type of Stain

Stains can be classified into three (3):

Dye Stains include pure coffee, tea, fruit juices and ink. Mild dye stains can we washed off by cold water when immediately soaked, and then wash it with hot setting or bringing them to the dry cleaner. Fruit juices may require launder with detergent to remove.

Protein Stains include ice cream, mud, vomit, blood and sweat. Because they are proteins, enzymes can break them down so detergents and solutions with enzymes are effective for those stains. Salt can also do the job for sweat and blood.

Combination Stains include creamed coffee, sauces and makeup. Rinse of excess substance and rinse out with detergent. For mud, let the mud dry, then soak it in hot water with detergent and white vinegar. Pigment-based stains like makeup might require oxidizing bleaches like hydrogen peroxide. Some intense stains like rust require special type of remover which you can find in specialty stores or online.