Class Suspended? How to Keep Your Kids Productive on their Free Day

During monsoon weather and typhoon season, local governments often suspend classes for the children’s safety. Kids usually love it because it’s a time for them to rest and play. Although rest and fun are great, sometimes, spending the free day the wrong way can affect your child’s growth negatively. Exposing them to too many gadgets can damage their eyesight and brain. Also, taking a break for too long can be destructive as children slip away from their study habits. So keep your kid's body and mind active by making them try these activities while they are on their long weekend:

  1. Check on their pending homework and projects

Take this time to help your kids to finish their pending projects so they can spend weekends on more important things - such as family bonding time. Be a mentor, guide them, and give them tips on how to tackle each project efficiently.

  1. Try out some indoor activities

Some indoor activities you and your child can enjoy in the Metro can be educational, such as visiting museums, while others could be physical such as play parks.

  1. Teach them basic but fun chores

Teach your kids practical lessons the fun way! You can teach them to cook simple and yummy recipes that they can enjoy eating afterwards. Or you can ask them to help you organise their room and reward them later! Each chore can also serve as their exercise.

  1. Give them educational materials and brain toys

And they need not to be academic! Give your child some fun and engaging educational materials such as documentaries and other educational shows, activity books, puzzles and other educational toys.