Benefits of Having a Personal Stylist

Jessica Raig


In a world where image is becoming ever more important and lives are getting busier, we usually find ourselves lost in what to wear. We all want a wardrobe that inspires us - a wardrobe that, when we open it, is filled with stylish pieces for every occasion. The reality is often very different. For many people, their heart sinks when they open their wardrobe and in desperation they wear the same few items time and time again.


How many times have you bought something on impulse, in a hurry and probably in the wrong size? A Stylist can help you save money, time and stress. She can help shop with a purpose which focuses on the right and appropriate pieces for you as well as guide you with the items which integrates seamlessly into your wardrobe. No doubt, you’ll love every piece!


Whichever life events you have encountered or currently in - whether it may be getting back to work or entering in a new relationship, among others - you may feel that you haven’t had much time for yourself actually. We tend to be invested on things other than ourselves.


One of the most important things we should focus on ourselves is how we project our personality and character through our appearance. If you don’t know where to start with your wardrobe, that is where a Stylist can help.


Despite our busy lifestyle, with a little thought, organisation and some sound advice - those mornings of standing in front of an untidy wardrobe, only to choose something black and loose fitting (again) will be a thing of the past.


Here are some benefits you ought to know about having a personal Stylist:


  1. Access to a styling expert


For years, there has been notion that having a personal Stylist is only for the super affluent societies who are willing to pay a bundle. Main responsibilities of a Stylist include: (1) knowing your preferences and lifestyle, (2) staying on top of trends and available merchandise, and (3) sourcing and delivering clothes at your most convenient time. All of these require a lot of time and resources which has to to be paid for.


Fortunately, with Stylist in Pocket, we offer FREE Styling service.


  1. Discover best brands that suits your image and needs


Your personality is not the first thing people see; it is your clothes and the way you're dressed. With thousands of clothing brands available in the market, with new ones opening every 6 second all over the world, the choices seem limitless! It also comes with worries of which best fit you.


Our Stylists are armed with a data-driven platform that can quickly surface the right brands and styles for you.


  1. Help you overcome your redundant clothing choice


Many have fallen victims of buying the same shirt multiple times, with different shade of blue, white, black or grey. But sometimes we need to get out of the typical 1-3 brands we buy from and embrace the opportunity of getting to know new brands.  


A new set of eyes and added speciality in dressing up will solve this problem. Stylist in Pocket clients often emphasizes how educational it is for them to have an expert dress them up for FREE. They learn new styles they never taught to try or select for themselves! Not to mention, they also learn to mix and match old and new pieces in different, multiple ways.


  1. As a bonus! Enjoy luxury of time, money and convenience


You can now allot more time to people you love and care about as well as spend more time for yourself doing things you love! Having a personal Stylist gives you added me-time.


Instead of having to fight the two dilemmas of - (1) braving the traffic to go to the mall and (2) going through racks of clothes, only to be disappointed of the sizes available - your personal Stylist can guarantee all the clothes he provides you with fit you, your personality and your objectives.


All these at the comfort of your home and at your most convenient time! What are you waiting for? Book a Home Visit with us and enjoy the 4 Benefits of Having Your Own Personal Stylist.


Stylist is always FREE. No obligation to buy. #EveryoneDeservesAStylist