Beauty Basics: 4 Tricks To Make Your Face Look Thinner

It’s not always possible to keep ourselves in perfect shape. But we’ve all been in situations when we need to look great and have only a few minutes to do so.

Thanks to the power of make-up, just about everything is now possible! If achieving a slimmer face is what you’ve always wanted, here are some make-up tips for you.

(1) Fill in your brows

Filling in your brows whether you have an angular face or not is a makeup tip you must remember. But if you do Go for high arched brows—draw them in such a way that they look thicker while maintaining the arch sharp.

This will shift the focus from your round face to highlight your brows instead.



(2) Do the cat-eye

A cat eye helps lengthens the lash line and eye shape in an outward and upward direction. A simple trick that draws attention to the corners of eyes, making your face look slimmer. 

Then, you can sweep a dark eyeshadow above the crease to follow the natural curves of your eyes.


(3) Blush correctly

Firstly, apply paler tones of blush on your skin tone. Opting for bright pinks or oranges will only accentuate the roundness of your face and chubby cheeks.

While you choose a subtle shade blush, make sure you blend it from the cheekbone to the middle of the ear till the temples so there’s definition to your face. Don’t forget to use the highlighter too!


(4) The Power of Contouring

If there’s one makeup product that makes your face slimmer that should be in your makeup kit, it is a bronzer or a contouring powder.

Not only does that add definition to your face but it also elongates your face giving it the illusion of being thinner. Take the contour diagonally from the centre of your cheek to the ears. The higher you go, the more sculpted your face will look.


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