Who else dreads the pre-travelling process? All the trip planning and packing can be a bit overwhelming, and you haven't even set foot on the airport! Whether you're a fashionista or a low-maintenance tourist. there is no escaping  these steps.

With the help of our top -notch, professional stylists, we've picked out these handy packing tips to make your life easier while travelling. Save space in your luggage while still looking stylish with these 9 essential (and Instagram-worthy!) pieces  to include in  your travel capsule wardrobe.



Flats are both  versatile and comfortable to wear. They go well with different outfits and they don't take up too much room  in your suitcase. You can wear them until the wee hours too!



A pair of slim black pants is the perfect component in your travel capsule. Exuding simplicity and comfort, the basic piece can be worn anytime you prefer.



Find a go-to  basic tee that's versatile enough to both be layered up and worn alone. The perfect tee doesn't stretch out easily and has a slightly fitted shape.


4. Lightweight Trench Coat

Tired of trying to guess how cold or warm your destination will be? Find a trench coat with lightweight material so it's both easy to pack and wear in all climates.


5. Little Black Dress

Often coined as a wardrobe essential, the little black dress should come in your suitcase as well. Your chosen LBD serves as your foundation when you layer with outerwear and accessories. Here's one more tip: the simpler, the better!


6. Scarves

Add flair to the basic pieces already included in your list with colorful scarves. Get creative when you style them up!


7. Oversized Wrap

Keep yourself warm and fuzzy with a large scarf. Find one that's made with soft material to keep yourself cozy during your flight.


8. Tote Bag

Bring along something chic and handy to your trip! Add a  unique tote bag to hold your souvenirs and other vacay essentials.


9. Clutch

After finding the perfect travel tote bag, all you need is something that's easier to bring when you go out! Find a handy clutch that doubles as an evening bag.

When packing for a trip, simplicity is always key. Before preapring the trendy pieces for your holiday OOTDs, make sure that your suitcase is already made up  with these essential items.

Now that you've covered the basics, you need to come up with greta looks #ForTheGram! Let our team of professional stylists help you find the perfect holiday looks for FREE at the comfort of your own home.  Contact us at (0917) 651-0018 to book a Home Visit today.



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