A collection of proven fashion hacks from our expert stylists on how to look thinner without dieting or exercise but just by the clothes you wear. Anyone can look slimmer just by making a few simple adjustments to their style.

Here are some fashion tips and tricks that any working individual can immediately apply to look slimmer.

  1. Apply Vertical Color Dressing

Vertical color dressing means wearing clothes in colors that give you an illusion of looking taller. The most basic you can try is by dressing all in one color. It doesn’t divide your body into two, thus making you look like a vertical line. The next you can do is by going monochrome, and when we say monochrome, it doesn’t only mean wearing black, white and gray; it means wearing one color in different shades.

Another way of vertical color dressing is trying to achieve columns of color via layering. When you really need to wear clothes in different colors, layer with a blazer or jacket to create color blocks in columns.


  1. Get High-Waisted Pencil Skirts

Find your actual waistline by touching your shoulder with your pointer finger, then take note of where the end of your elbow meets your actual waist line. High-waisted pencil skirts are used to offer lines and an emphasized tighter waist. Find a skirt that starts at your actual waist line to conceal wide hips.

Choose a skirt that possess a solid dark color or vertical pin stripes to look slimmer. The right length is when your skirt is 1 to 2 inches above your knees. A good reference point is end where your thighs are most thin. 

  1. Use Dark Fitted Jeans

One can never go wrong with denims. They have been here for years for that exact reason. Choose jeans that have a stretchable material but not too much. Avoid jeans with too many pockets and small back pockets, since they make your butt look big.

Low-rise jeans, jeans that may show too much of your rear end, never look good on anyway. High-wasited jeans are also not recommended for curvy figures. The best length and fit jeans are those that hit your actual waist line (which you can find if you use the trick mentioned in number 2). Add an extra slimming effect by pairing your jeans with wedges, boots, platforms or heels. 

  1. Mind the Proportions

It’s all about scaling and balance in everything you wear or carry! With bags, don’t use huge bags, else you will look small. Our tip is to use a relatively small bag to make you look taller. The biggest you can go for is a medium-sized handbag.

When you want to utilize full and round shapes, you must pair a piece that accentuates your slimmest areas with a loose piece for the other areas. Examples of the perfect pairs are a miniskirt with a flowing top, wide-legged pants with a fitted shirt or tight jeans with a loose long sleeve. 

  1. Use Vertical Line & Design

The rule of lines is that a curved line creates an illusion of softness, on the other hand vertical lines are more pronounced. When lines come together and meet at a certain point, our eyes are known to follow them to the point where they meet. This can make your body look smaller at that point of convergence.

What this means is that the old saying of horizontal stripes make you look wider is true. But luckily for us the opposite is also true. Vertical lines or prints can give you height and slenderness, especially straight unbroken lines.

The most effective illusion of a slender figure is a single vertical line. More than one vertical line causes the eyes to move from side to side, so two vertical lines aligned close together will make you look thinner, on the other hand two vertical lines far apart will make you look wider. Avoid vertical lines at unflattering points such as your hips and thighs. Look for corporate attires such as pressed pleats, vertical tucks, buttoned front closures, and V-necklines.

  1. Don’t Pretend to Be Something You’re Not

We all have our own personalities and we use styling to express it. Sometimes, we can experiment by veering away from our usual style, but overdoing it might just make us look awkward. When you are awkward, you are uncomfortable, thus you don’t have the right posture. Wear something you are comfortable with so you can walk straight with you head held up high.

  1. Get a Free Stylist to Find the Right Clothes and Sizes

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