7 Tips for Busy Moms in Keeping Babies and Kids Stylish

Kids are always going to be special. We know, as busy moms, we want to teach our children the best ways to groom and style their unique personality and the way to do that is to style them in a way that would reflect their personality.

Though sometimes it can be difficult to dress children these days with the insane number of choices in children’s clothes and accessories. Not to mention, it’s now harder to please children in the era of smartphones and the internet where kids are sometimes more aware of the fashion trends than we are.

We've gathered our stylist's tips to help you teach your little ones on how to create a completing personality through these fashion tips. It shouldn't take much of your time. 

1. Cherish Colors and Prints

Have some fun! Unlike us grownups, it’s perfectly fine to mix colors. It is highly recommended to go for the brightest colors: pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, or red. Cheerful colors look best on kids since it matches their smiles and laughter.

We can’t stress enough that this is the best time to experiment with dressing up your kid with bright colors and prints! Kids love fairy tales so this is the best time to dress them up with their favorite idols – cartoon characters, supernaturals or superheroes. Before you know it your thirteen-year-old will never wear another Hello Kitty shirt anymore. Let them enjoy their carefree nature for as long as they can.

2. Comfort is Key

Kids are more concerned with comfort above everything else. They might like the dress that they’re wearing, but if it feels itchy, expect a tantrums. Make sure the clothes that they are wearing are breathable, smooth, soft, and they can move easily.

3. Waste Not Want Not

Babies and kids grow fast. It’s best to buy clothes that they can grow into in the next months. Otherwise, you’re gonna find yourself shopping monthly.Try to find the perfect balance of trendy and affordable – if clothes are too big for kids they would feel uncomfortable and may find themselves in problematic situations.

But on the other hand, clothes that are too small can cause itching, pinching and discomfort that could end up in tears. But don’t worry, if you accidentally bought sizes that are too big, just place them in the closet and wait for the time your kid can fit in them.

4. Do Not Hesitate to Experiment

This is the only time you have control over what they wear, so experiment with your little one with those cute pajamas and onesies! Try styling them with outfits that would steal glances and make audiences say “aww”.

5. Let them Express Themselves

If your child can already decide what they want to wear, let them choose their clothes. You can start this by asking what is their favorite color? And then pick out clothes that feature that color. This promotes their independent thinking and quick decision making. When kids see their choices are implemented they would feel more confident and develop their sense of style early on. Mix the questions up by asking what is their favorite cartoon character or favorite type of clothes. Shop for these clothes that they request so they can exude their personality.

6. Try It Before You Buy It

Though it may be hard given a busy schedule, it always pays off to go shopping with the little one. If possible, bring with you your child to the store and let them fit the clothes. Make them walk in the store to see if they are happy and comfortable with what they’re wearing. A smarter way to shop is figure out if your child is happy with the clothes before purchasing anything.

7. Try a Free Personal Stylist

Why not get a free personal stylist to bring all the latest clothes, while keeping in mind all the style tips for your kids and babies, right to your doorstep!

It’s more convenient when you let a stylist do the shopping for you. Your kids will feel relaxed at home, while a stylist listens to everyone’s feedback. Because all the clothes are curated to everyone’s personality, the styling session will definitely be a memorable moment of their childhood. Why not try a family stylist session by taking signing up at www.stylistinpocket.com/free-personal-stylist and we’ll do the rest.