Let’s make everyday a runway.

These outfits are what our stylists swear by when you want to steal looks and the show with your daily look.


  • Tuxedo Pants + Off-shoulders


Redefining the classic tuxedo pants and the fabulous off-shoulder would be perfect in this generation.


  • Pencil skirt + Sneakers

Classic sneakers instantly increase the cool factor of every skirt and dress that you wear.


  • Sleeveless Top + Culottes

Culottes gives more a sophisticated and fancy look with a sleeveless top.



  • Printed Blazer + Patchwork Denim

Patched linings and subtle stitches would be perfect for street style and when combined with a printed blazer - Surely will give you a bit vintage glam.



  • Lousy Sleeveless Top + Graphic Pencil Skirt

A lousy sleeveless top will give you a carefree look with touch of chic and sexy when paired with some awesome graphic skirt.



  • High-Waist Jeans + Leather Jacket

Be outrageously edgy, fresh and chic over essential high-waist jeans and leather jacket.



  • Long Vest + Long Tight Skirt

A vest creates a very slimming and long silhouette - When paired with a skirt, the duo can create a casual chic minimalist outfit.


Now, we’ve shown you amazing guides of pairing different clothes that makes you stand out.

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