6 Tips for What to Wear in Family Photos Shoot

The holidays are coming and Stylist in Pocket is giving out free Family Lifestyle Portraits for every home booking. So it might be a good idea to schedule a family photoshoot while the family gathers for the holiday!

Here are some tips to help plan your next free family portraits.


1.Color Coordination

With color-coordinated outfits, all of you will look cohesive. And that’s the point of having a photo session: to look united. Pick a color, maybe the favorite color of your kids, or the color that best represents your family.

You can even choose a whole color palette to follow. Color palettes are available online, so feel free to search for a palette that represents your family’s best personality.


2. A Specific Theme

If you want to take it up a notch, find a theme that your family loves! Are you all a fan of a specific movie series? Why not recreate their costumes like this one in the photo! Or since Christmas is coming, why not a Christmas-themed photo session?


3. The Outdoors

Having your photo session outdoors can also be a fun idea, especially if you love going on a vacation. Outdoor photos are also very trendy. Take your photo session to a beach, or event just in a nearby park, as long as you get a good photographer.

For the outfits, choose outfits that match the location, whether it be summery, winter clothes, or just casual clothes in color coordination.


4. Comfy At Home

Family photos taken inside your home is always a good idea. It’s gives a very intimate vibe and shows a more personal side of your family. So just wear comfy clothes and find a nice spot in your house: be it your couch, dining room, or even the bedroom for the perfect shot. 

You can even opt for a very intimate family photo while all of you are in bed in your pajamas, throwing pillows at each other.

5. For Toddlers & Infants


Have your little ones finish their nap before the shoot starts.

You would like to see a happy smiling face than an unhappy and tired one during the shoot.


6. Be Yourselves

We know there are those kids or even parents who don’t like the idea of too much planning for a photo. That’s not a problem. Just wear whatever floats your boat and be yourselves in the photo. As long as all of you look happy, you’ll get that lovely shot.


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