Dress to impress and make a lasting statement with a polished and professional first impression. Check out these work fashion tips!

1.Be yourself.

Make sure to wear what makes you comfortable and confident. Don’t imitate others' styles that you’re not comfortable wearing.

2. Add a pop of color.

Figure out your favorite colors and see if you can incorporate them into your work wardrobe. Shades of red, particularly on the blue side of the spectrum, are said to convey power. But then again, so does black. The colors that flatter you and make you confident are going to be your power colors, no matter what

3. Adapt to the style of your workplace.

If you’re applying to work in a corporate environment where formal dress is required, you’ll need to get yourself a suit. If your work culture is much more casual than you’re used to, don’t fret! Get yourself a nice pair of designer jeans and some high quality t-shirts and a good jacket. You’ll still feel equipped and powerful—even sophisticated!

4. Invest in a good suit.

If your work requires you to have a suit, get a really good one. A bespoke one. And have it fitted. Good tailoring is always a great investment.

5. Dress for the job you want.

You know where you want to go in your career. Do your research and know how to dress for that job you want. Remember to walk the talk!

6. Invest in high quality work shoes.

Your shoes are as much of a statement as your clothes. If you're looking to have a go-to footwear to wear on a daily basis, make sure to invest in sleek, comfortable pieces.
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