1) Metallic Shoes

This type may go with heels or flats.

Its strong glamour and lasting first impression will leave you look stunning in any outfit.



2. Velvet Shoes

Known for its sensational touch, velvet shoes have a matte look and smooth feeling that create a rich look.

It gives off the impression of luxury and quality in every step.




3) Ballerina Flats

Be fabulously comfortable with ballerina flats for any party. The beauty of the flats lie with its ability to be simple.

Giving off a delicate touch, there’s no doubt that’s it our stylists’ all time favorite that comes in a variety of designs, so you would never run out of styles.



4. Stilettos and Pumps

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be sexy!

These closed-toe/peep-toe platform pumps or stilettos can promote your feminine side for a Femme fatale look, sure to turn heads around.



5. Flatform Sandals

Elevate your style with the twist of platform soles. This comeback trend, our stylist can’t believe, is one of the best comfy party shoes in this era.

Perfect for a little bit of a prime and groovy appearance that can last throughout the night.



6. Booties

Whether classic or edgy, this full-coverage footwear can be comfortable and chic.

Embrace the modern youthful party footwear that can create a lasting impression.



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