While we firmly believe you can wear whatever you like whenever you like, we do know that a little discretion can oftentimes be the most comfortable. So with that, here are six pieces that are demure and sophisticated but still fashion-forward and flat-out fabulous.

Look for shorts that have a softer fabric (like rayon or silk) in a flattering high cut for that sophisticated flair.

Making a statement with your blouse is as easy as finding one with a kicky little sleeve. Couple it with your favorite slim pants or skirt and feel confident knowing that you've nailed one of the biggest trends in fashion right now.

A square silk scarf is about as classy as it gets, and you're finally in a place in your life to rock out one. Tie one atop a sharp work dress or a striped weekend tee and start practicing your French.

At first glance you may think that a slinky slip dress is a no-no for anyone above the age of 22. But in reality a fluid shift dress hides a multitude of problem areas (given the right shapewear beneath) and feels pretty sexy on date night.

Now, as much as we live for a sundress, it's high time you gave a jumpsuit a try. And if you're going for it, really go for it by skipping the solids and heading straight for the bold prints. You'll be the most popular one at the clambake.

Remember these babies from the '90s? Yeah, they're back. Pull your favorites out of storage (and even give the hems a trim) or search for a new (but vintage-looking) pair that's stonewashed and relaxed through the leg.