5 Ways to Survive the Lockdown in Style

In light of this global pandemic, most of us are forced stuck at home. Postponed events, suspended operations, and cancelled work—there is only much that we could do to keep ourselves occupied.
Although it remains an important measure to stay inside and help #FlattenTheCurve, it is only a matter of time until this homebound isolation stirs craziness.
In view of the ECQ extension, you’ve also probably asked yourself this question: “What else there to do while I’m stuck indoors?”
Lucky for you, our stylists have come up with this handy and chic guide you could follow to survive this lockdown in style. We’ve compiled 5 different ways for you to keep your free time interesting and productive while confined in your homes.

1. Create Your Own Face Mask

Protecting ourselves is our top priority. In an interview, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that masks serve as “an additional layer of protection for those who have to go out.” It has also recently become a requirement for Luzon residents and workers, should they step out of their homes.
With the ongoing shortage of surgical masks, people have resorted to creating their own do-it-yourself versions—from sewing their own patterns to creating makeshift masks from bras, it seems like this lockdown is bringing out everyone’s creative side.
Still trying to look for a simpler way to make one? Grab a hanky and two hair ties, and follow this 5-step guide:
While homemade masks don’t seem like the best option, it’s still a good initiative to keep yourself protected from the virus. Want to make the most out of this lockdown? Repurpose your time and effort to reaching out to our dear frontliners.
We repurposed ours by helping equip our frontliners in this battle to fight the virus. Together with our designers, we produced quality masks made from monique fabric, which we have donated to different hospitals. See our journey here.

2. Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Bestowed with the responsibility of going out for groceries? Aside from keeping yourself safe from the virus, another problem remains at hand: what will you wear?
Because of our tropical climate, choosing the right fabric for clothes can get a bit tricky. Before lining up to do your grocery shopping, reevaluate your wardrobe follow these fabric do’s and don’ts to keep yourself cool and comfortable when going out.


Cotton – breathable, versatile and perfect for daytime and nighttime looks
Chambray – helps you keep cool in dry heat
Linen – has natural fiber and light weaves that gives your body maximum breathability


Polyester – has bad moisture absorption and traps sweat
Nylon – repels water and traps heat and sweat

3. Make-Do Your Own Face Shield

Aside from surgical masks, frontliners are also dealing with a shortage of protective medical gears. In your own little way, you can actually create your very own homemade face gear with just run-of-the-mill materials like a clear file folder and a plastic headband.
Just slide the headband into the small space at the side of the file—and voila!

4. Arrange Your Work-From-Home OOTDs

Now that this homebound situation has been extended for another two weeks, it can be tempting to just keep a uniform of sweatpants and pajamas everyday—it’s much easier to slip into those anyway.
While working from home has its fair share of pros and cons, one should always remember that your working environment (wherever that is) greatly affects your overall mood—this includes your wardrobe.
One simple way to keep yourself confident and motivated is by dressing up to feel extra ready for your work days at home; and we don’t mean completely suiting up, but little things like polished blouses and comfortable pants really do make the difference in your productivity.

5. DIY Your Workout Clothes           

Make the most out of this lockdown by developing a new habit—build your own workout routine, declutter your closet or even try stitching. Who says you can’t combine all three, though? Why not try your hand at refashioning an old shirt into a workout top?
We say it’s time for you to rummage through your closet, and look for unused cotton tops for this DIY project.
After finding the perfect top, you’ll need to reach for scissors and some elastics. Cut one side of your shirt, then the neck, making it look like a V-neck at the back.
Flip your shirt the wrong-side-out and do some twisting, pinning and sewing.
Pin the elastic on the side and start sewing!