5 Ways to Give Your Workspace a Makeover

A happy workspace is a productive workspace.
Being in a comfortable and pleasing environment plays a huge part in your mood and overall performance. The most productive offices strike a balance between creativity and professional business because they know that well-designed offices create a happy and healthy work environment.
You already spend 8 hours at the office everyday, so why not take your workspace up a notch?
Take inspiration from these 5 tips and put a little personality to your cubicle.

1. Embrace your inner plant lady

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Plants are and easy way to liven up your desk, and it’s probably time to bring in some greenery to your office. Worried about it being a bit costly? Opt for fake succulents instead!


2. Color code your office supplies

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Colors profoundly affect your overall mind, body and emotions. Research more about their meanings and choose standouts that would help you with your productivity. (ex. The color blue creates a light and calming environment, thus sparks your mind and keeps you productive)


3. Hold files with decorative bookends

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Say goodbye to old, dusty bookends. Keep your books and folders looking spiffy and stylish with fresh and quirky bookends you could find in the nearest bookstores.


4. Create a mood board

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Tired of staring at your monitor all day? Set up your own pegboard and spice up your wall with some inspiration. Instead of keeping your corkboard all business, give it a bit of personality with colorful push pins and colorful washi tape.


5. Use trays to keep your things organized

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Stop trying to fit all your things inside your drawer. Strike a balance between style and organization with trendy trays. Shops today let you find a tray that’s pretty as it is useful.
From a simple and sparse workspace to your own inspirational canvas—adding a dash of color to your desk surely sparks your creative genius. Owning your office space and injecting some personality boosts up your mood and pushes you to be more productive.
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