Our blazers are not just like any another clothing. Alongside our formalwear, blazers need special care because not only they are expensive, they are worn in very important events inside and outside of work. If you want your blazers to last long, take note of these tips:

1. Buy the Right Size

Yes, it actually starts there. It has to fit perfectly on you to avoid wear-and-tear. Tight blazers will cause a lot of tension which may tear the fabrics. Make sure your blazer will enable your arms to move properly.

2. Hang it Properly

Make sure it’s not squeezed in-between garments. It is also best to use wooden or plastic hangers to maintain the shape of the shoulders. It is ideal if you have a separate section for blazers in your closet.

3. Lessen the Trip to the Dry Cleaners

Exposing your blazer to chemicals too often will ultimately damage the natural fibres. Use mild detergents instead. You may schedule your dry cleaning to your most important events.

4. Use a Steam Iron

To press your blazer, use a steam iron to avoid burning the fibres of your blazer. Steam iron also helps remove stains and enables the fibres to breath.

5. Avoid Overusing the Inner Pockets

The lining of blazers is usually made out of fabrics not as strong as the main fabrics and so are the pockets underneath. Avoid putting objects that will pull down the inner pockets like thick wallets and heavy keys. Put your handkerchiefs and small pens instead.