The Holidays are upon us once again!

This season means it's the time for holiday parties, family reunions, amazing food and drinks and of course, your much-anticipated holiday travels. 

 Dressing for the occasion in colder countries can be such a challenging feat, and that’s where these useful fashion tips come in handy. 

Play with Proportions

Try layering down a vest over an oversized weater and pair it up with high-waisted trousers.


Make Use of Color Blocking

Don't be afraid to make a statement with bold, color contrasts.


Add Lots of Volume

Oversized looks are in! Pair a king-sized sweater with tights and a puffer coat.


Experiment with Layers

Go extra or go home! Make sure to cover up with all 3 levels - base, mid and outer layers. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with different pieces and make you feel all warm and comfy too!


Mix and Match Textures

Have a playful take on texture and mix up leather with cable knit and wool. There are no rules!

Indeed, you can still look good while keeping warm from the cold.

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