Let's face it, family portraits can be a bit challenging. From choosing what to wear to being comfortable in front of the camera, there are so many factors that could go wrong if you don't prepare right.
Family portraits are documented milestones of your household. It's a fun and rewarding way to look back on your family's growth and development, and it will eventually serve as an heirloom that could be passed down from generations to generations.
It's only fitting that you prepare well enough to hit the right note. Hit the right note and follow these tips to plan for a successful family portrait.

1. Talk to your kids ahead of time

Bringing your kids along to the studio can be such a daunting task. It would be best to inform your kids a week or so about the shoot so they aren't caught off-guard. It also gives you enough time to tell them how you want them to behave during the shoot.


2. Get enough rest the night before

Preparing last minute could cost you your photoshoot. Encourage all members to go to bed early to ensure that everyone's well-rested. Hydrate your skin to keep it glowing and camera-ready.


3. Prepare your wardrobe

When picking out your clothes for the photo session, make sure that your looks are all coordinated. Select complimentary patterns and colors like pastels and shades of the same color. To make sure your family portrait stands the test of time, go for classic rather than trendy. Opt for neutral colors with soft and flowing fabrics.


4. Leave the "cheese" at home

Keep smiles genuine and stop asking your kids to say "cheese!" Demanding your children to smile at the camera will only stress them out, and could result to stiff smiles. Keep it spontaneous and natural by just having fun on the set.


5. Bring an activity you enjoy as a family

Love playing board games? Play a round of Monopoly during the shoot. Enjoy jamming over karaoke? Perform a song together! When your family is engaged and is enjoying an activity, it will be easier to capture more beautiful and authentic moments.

There are so many elements to photograph in a family portrait. Make sure the photographer gets to capture genuine moments that would last a lifetime. The more you prepare ahead of time, the better the results will be.
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