First impressions last. 
When you walk into that interview, the first thing your potential employer would notice about you is what you’re wearing. We know that different jobs warrant different styles for interview looks but you should still keep in mind that it’s important to look professional no matter what type of job you’re applying for. 
Dressing for success is definitely a huge part of the hiring process. Your job interview is not only about how well you answer the questions, but also how well you present yourself. 
Appear both confident and professional with the right outfit choices. Avoid scrambling last minute just to find an outfit that’s just okay, and get ready to make a terrific first impression by looking polished, professional and put-together. 
When in doubt, use this guide to dress for success.

Don a blazer for endless options

Want an all-around look? Add a fashion piece to your look that has the elements of both simplicity and versatility, like this classic black blazer. It’s definitely a corporate style staple.

Experiment with button-down shirts

Button-downs don’t always have to look boring! Don’t limit yourself to the basic b&w, and experiment with different fabrics and colors.

Go classic with a black dress

You can never go wrong with the classic LBD. It’s the hallmark of a refined and sophisticated business look. Complete the timeless look with a pair of black heels. 

Look for blouses with interesting details

Intricate details will always make for an elegant look. Those little touches keep your entire look interesting and make the blouse pop. 

Try a statement dress

Make a statement while keeping it professional. While it’s important to keep your look conventional, it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with some colors. 
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