As carefree as you'd wish to dress, there are certain fashion rules you still have to follow. We support the courage to dress creatively but it’s still important to dress appropriately. The following list contains some faux pas we’ve either experienced or witnessed. Let’s keep these in mind before we make the same mistakes!

1. Too Revealing:  One of the most common fashion mistakes during summer is being too casual. Crop tops, short shorts and flip-flops are all very tempting in the hot weather, but they may not be proper for the office. Tops that reveal too much cleavage or made of sheer fabric should be layered over an opaque camisole. No long tops on short shorts because the combo makes you look bottomless.

Leggings that are too thin are a strict no-no as they may expose your panty lines and too much of your curves. The waist shouldn’t sit too low as to reveal your underwear when you bend or sit. Pair your leggings with a longer top to prevent this from happening!

Does that mean you can’t look sexy at the office? Not in the least!

What to wear instead:

Clavicle or shoulder cutouts, off-shoulder and halter necks are in trend now.


2. Animal Prints:  We're always skeptical of animal prints – especially leopard print, which has been heavily abused in fashion. If you must put on some animal prints, you should wear them as accessories instead of clothing. Animal print tights simply make you look too old or too wild. The same goes for mixed animal prints.

If you’re really into animal prints, make sure you make a unique and tasteful statement. Instead of golden tones such as leopards, tigers and giraffes, why not try black-and-whites similar to Dalmatians, cows or zebras, or replace a natural hue with a completely different palette? Try aquatic inspirations like tortoiseshell and croc-grain for more summery vibes! Also, make sure the print is on good fabric so it’ll look exquisite instead of cheap.

What to wear instead:

Why not try blacks, whites or even croc-grain?


3. Logomania: Having one monogram item per outfit is the limit. Much as I’d like to show my support for certain brands, I wouldn’t like to be their walking advertisements. Expand your horizons to other graphics and patterns instead.

What to wear instead:

Expand your horizons to other graphics and patterns.

4. Over-Accessorizing: It would be hard not to flaunt those new earrings or bag charm over the summer. Just keep in mind that accessories may weigh you down if you wear too many. They’re meant to complement your outfit, not overwhelm you.

What to wear instead:

Try chokers, lariats or anklets this summer!

5. Over-Layering: Again, try not to hide your extra pounds with fabric. No ruffled skirts over leggings or mini dresses over jeans – it makes your bottom look heavy. Also, avoid wearing a massive scarf over a structured jacket, which makes you look stout and neckless.

What to wear instead:

Look slim with tab-sleeve shirtdresses.