Feeling old enough to celebrate this February?

Don’t worry, here are tricks to redefine your skin to look young and fresh.


1. Drink a glass of lemon juice in the morning

Detoxify and improve metabolism for skin regeneration and weight loss.

Make it a hobbit and it’s all worth it at last, results is evident to the skin.



2. Green Tea Toner

Refresh your skin with this natural green tea toner which have high concentration of antioxidants good to fight premature aging scenes.



3. Use facial oil

Have a natural glow with facials oils. Seal your beauty with natural oils that adds nourishments to protect your skin from pollutants.



4. Yogurt face mask

Treat your skin with this yoghurt face mask that helps fight acne, reduce dark circles and fades blemishes and pigmentation.



5. Facial massage

A little touch from a hand of massaging your face help improves mood, natural facelift and increases circulation.



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