Who else hopped on the online shopping craze last year? 
Shopping online has become the more convenient option for us to buy our goods. You find something you like, click “order,” and get a package delivered right to your doorstep. But not all transactions go smoothly. 
In the age of COVID-19, everyone has turned to online and virtual activities. This sense of convenience also makes it easier for scams to take place. Before you proceed to checking out items from your cart, make sure you’re shopping from a website that’s familiar to you. In time for COVID-19, always remember to constantly keep up with healthy practices as well!

Look for the padlock symbol

Look for the padlock symbol on the URL bar to make sure the website is secure and legitimate.

Be wary of ‘too-good-to-be-true-deals’ 

Low prices can be enticing, but if they seem too good to be true, they usually are.

Your package goes through a lot of hands

Ask the delivery person to leave your package by the door so they leave to practice social distancing. Open the box outside with gloves on and immediately throw away the packaging.

Nothing less than 70%

Not all hand sanitizers work against COVID-19. Make sure you’re disinfecting with nothing less than 70% alcohol. 

Stay clean with ‘Jolene’ 

Sick of singing Happy Birthday? If you missed it last year, here’s Dolly Parton’s hand washing version of her iconic song. 
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