This 2019, it's time to break our holiday routines.
For us Filipinos, Christmas has always been about traditions--from  attending Simbang Gabi to feasting over Noche Buena, these practices have become customary to every household. But if you're looking forward to mixing it up with your friends this year, it's time to veer away from these routines.  
As kids, we used to enjoy the holidays, but as we grow older, the fascination starts to run out. If you're feeling like your Christmas is stuck in a rut, add some spice to your holiday activities through these tips.  

1. Cheap Gift Challenge 

The holidays call for different types of parties and get-togethers, and there's no way we could miss out on exchanging gifts. Mix it up this year and challenge your friends to come up with quirky gifts under a P30 limit. You'd be surprised at how thoughtful, funny and creative these gifts could get.

2. Christmas Movie Marathon

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Invite your friends over and host a Christmas movie marathon at the comfort of your own home. Bust out your top 20 Christmas films and take turns voting on which ones everyone really wants to watch. Grab some popcorn and get cozy under the blankets as you watch classic Christmas movies together.

3. Give Christmas to Someone Else

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Christmas is indeed the season of giving. Bring a smile on someone's face by giving the gift of joy to those who need it the most. Share surplus food and serve them in isolated communities, or declutter your closet and give out used clothes to those in need through our Donate and Declutter program. It's essential that we keep the spirit of charity alive throughout the year.

4. Holiday Road Trip

Though road trips are often reserved for summer vacations, there is no stopping you from driving on the open road with your family or friends this holiday season. Set up a holiday-inspired adventure along the highway while bopping along to your Christmas playlist.

5. Pose for the Camera

Everyone loves the Christmas season because it brings feelings of nostalgia and holiday cheer. Keep a memoir of those memories by inviting your friends to create a brand new tradition--an annual group portrait. Mix a little novelty to your photo shoot and include quirky themes and props for your friends to enjoy.
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